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Prisma- Multipurpose Colour Paper

Brighten up your office presentations, school projects, letters, and crafts with durable, high-quality colored paper. This paper is available in bold hues of pastel, bright and deep shades. It is Sulphite and Acid-free and is ideal for desktop publishing. The paper is made from recycled fibre and is FSCTM Certified. This recycled colour paper makes an excellent choice for use in more eco-minded organizations or those looking to reduce their overall environmental footprint.

GSM RANGE: 50-210



PRISMA is a general purpose colour paper for home, school or office use. It is great for hobby ideas and creative art and craft projects.

  • Envelopes: The paper finds application in making various sizes of envelopes for weddings, greeting cards, promotional mail and business needs
  • Printing: Compatible with all printers and office equipment
  • Eye-Catching Announcements: Attention-getting coloured paper makes your documents stand out from the rest.
  • Paper Shreds: this paper is ideal for manufacturing paper shreds used in gift packaging industry
  • Simple Organization: Use different colors in the same binder or policy manual to help keep the sections distinct and separate
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