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About Us

Leeladhar International specializes in manufacturing wide range of colour papers which find use in various applications. Today the company has become a name synonymous with Colour Paper.
  • Scrapbook / Craft Papers: These papers come in vivid colours and are best suited for Children Craft Work, Cutting and Pasting Projects.
  • Writing & Printing Papers These smooth papers provide consistent sheet quality and good formation for excellent printability and runnability.
  • Envelope / Ribbed Papers Available in Plain and Ribbed finish, they come in natural kraft shade and bright colours. Suited for Envelopes, Gift Wrapping.
  • Packing & Lamination Papers These food grade approved papers are suited for food industry packaging needs and making bags / pouches.

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What makes Pure Kana stand out from other CBD brands?

When it comes to CBD brands, https://purekana.com/ definitely stands out from the crowd. For starters, they use only high-quality, organic hemp to make their products – which is something that not all brands can say.

How to get a medical marijuana card in Ohio?

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